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WALT- Write the beginning of the story 'The Elephant and the Bad Baby'.


Task 1- Discuss all the Nouns (People, places, animals or things), Verbs (Actions) and Adjectives (Describing words) in the picture below. Write these in your books. 


Task 2- Look at your plans from Friday which summarised our class novel. Discuss with children what happens right at the beginning of the story and find it in the book (These are the pages leading up to the 'problem'). 


Write the beginning of the story in your lined books from what you can remember from the story. Children must use cursive writing and have their capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their writing. Children should only write about the beginning, so when they reach the part of the story when the Elephant and Baby steal the foods, they must stop. Children can use their phonics mats which are shown below to sound out their writing. Do not copy this straight from the book- this writing should use children's knowledge of the story from reading and planning it.



Extension- Find all the nouns, verbs and adjectives that children have written in the beginning of their stories. Underline these in different colours.