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WALT- Write sentences about 'The Elephant and the Bad Baby'.

Explain what happens in the story using the pictures. You can use the book for this by using each picture on the pages but not reading it. Allow children to look at the picture to tell you the story, you could also challenge children by explaining what you think happens on a certain page, however, explaining it wrong so children can correct you. Correct children if they remember it wrong. This is to test how much of the story children have retained.


Recap- what is a noun? What is a verb? What is an adjective?

Noun-Person, animal, place or thing.

Verb- Action words.

Adjectives- Describing words.


Task- Look at the picture from the book below.

I have written a sentence about this page, can you identify the noun, verb, and adjective in my sentence? Have I got capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in my sentence?

The strong man is painting the shop blue.


Now children should write some sentences about the picture, this must be linked to what is happening on this page in the story, however, should not be copied from the book. Please do not start sentences with "I can see".

Can you underline the noun, verb, and adjective in your sentence?

Do you have a capital letter, full stop, and finger spaces?

If you have missed any of the above sentence features, children must re-write their sentences underneath to improve the sentence they have already written and should include all the above features. Continue doing this with the same sentence until children have all the features above.

If you had everything you needed in your sentence, edit it to include the word 'and'.

EXTENSION- Can you use an adjective from the adjective list to improve your sentence?