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WALT: write direct speech to advance the story


First, make a mind map in your blank book about the features of direct speech.


Next, we need to make sure our direct speech is moving the story on an not just a boring, pointless conversation.


We will focus on two examples of how to do this below:


  • Describing something the character can see.


"Where has that disturbing, porcelain doll gone?" whispered Charlotte quietly.

A crash behind them, answering Charlotte's question, revealed the doll had somehow moved itself across the room, crashing into some old, cardboard boxes.


In this example, the speech allows you to advance the story by talking and describing about what has happened to the doll.


  • Introducing a problem with speech.


"Watch out! There's a deathly drop in out way. Whatever can we do now?" cried Elizabeth.


In this example, you can now move the story onto the solution of the problem, therefore advancing the story.



I want you to now look at your rainforest story and include some direct speech into it. You may need to redraft your work by re-writing it in your lined book. Please edit and improve however you feel necessary too.