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Day 1: The elephant and the bad baby.

Look at the front cover of the book, what can you see? What is an author? Who is the author? What is an illustrator? Who is the illustrator? What do you think the book will be about, looking at the name of the book and the picture? What is a blurb? Where is the blurb? Read the blurb and discuss, does this change your mind about what will happen in the story?

I will attach a link for the book on youtube below. Read or watch the video and discuss the questions below.


Discuss vocabulary throughout the story using the questions below-

  • What is a baker?
  • What is a grocer?
  • What is a butcher?
  • What is an ice-cream man?
  • What is a sweet shop lady?
  • What is a barrow boy?
  • What is a snack bar man?
  • What is a mum?
  • Why is the baby bad?
  • Who else is bad in the story?
  • Why?
  • What will happen when they catch the bad baby?
  • Why do you think this?
  • Throughout the story, stop reading and ask- what will happen next?
  • Why did the baby say please?
  • Will the baby be bad anymore?

Discuss the story after reading, using vocabulary such as: first, next, after that, lastly. Have children tell the story verbally using this vocabulary to see what they can remember that happens. This does not have to include everything that happens, just ensure the events they can remember are in chronological order.