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What is a noun?

What is a verb?

What is the noun and verb in the sentence below?

The dog is barking.


Task 1- Discuss what an adjective is. An adjective is a word that describes a noun (the name of a thing or a place).

For example the sentence below is-

The dog is barking. 

The noun is- dog.

The verb is- barking. 


I can further develop this sentence by adding an adjective to describe the noun. For example-

The fluffy dog is barking. 

The small dog is barking.


Use the list of adjectives below to add adjectives to the sentences pictured below. Write the sentences in your lined work books using your neatest writing (If you do not have this yet please use a piece of paper). Children should be putting capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end. Do this for all the sentences. If you would like to show me your work please take a picture and put it on the blog! 


Please do not put too much focus on children using the correct spellings! If children are use appropriate phase 3 sounds (please refer to the sound mats to check) this is a year 1 outcome and shows great independent writing progress! Spellings should be correct for words copied from the sheets.