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English  - Improving vocabulary, planning story & writing the next paragraph

Improving vocabulary 

Remember the character descriptions of Rock and Paper? You used vocabulary that put across, to the reader, precisely what the impression that you wanted to give e.g. paper was innocent & weak and that Rock was initially gentle and then furious. Now I want us to develop these skills and use vocabulary so that you can give the reader a particular impression of the rainforest.

Rainforests are fantastic, wonderful and awe-inspiring places! You need to use vocabulary to get this across to the reader. Find the resource in the link below to find synonyms to improve your vocabulary. You may use your own research e.g. online or dictionaries. Make any changes in a coloured pencil.

Planning story & writing the next paragraph

Now we have written our description, I want you to now plan a story based on your fantastic rainforest settings! What characters will be in your story? Is there an animal? A tribe member? An explorer? Use your imagination!


Remember we discussed storylines… one overarching problem with a series of problems along the way – like a roller coaster, to make your story more interesting - like The Girl of Ink and stars was!


In the link below you will find a resource for your story planning – this can be completed in your linked workbook (paper if you haven’t received your pack yet).

Once you have planned it, you can begin your next paragraph – introducing the character to the rainforest you have just described. Remember to check with the writing checklist again:


Check the blog once you have compelted this... excellent vocabualry and SPaG features may earn you a token.