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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

WALT- Understand how to use pictures in a newspaper report.


Starter- Write 2 sentences about the picture below. Underline the nouns, adjectives and verbs in different colours!




Task- This week and last week, we have looked at the key features of newspaper articles. We have looked in depth at-

- Headings

- Subheadings


Discuss at home what a heading is and what a subheading is. You can go back to our English S2S page to support with this or watch the video above. 


Here are some of the amazing Headings I heard yesterday in our live lesson-

- Superworm the fishing rod.

- Superworm rescues the beetle!

- Superworm saves his friends, again.

- The superhero worm.

- Superhero mission!


We also discussed what a subheading is. Subheadings are titles that summarise what we are reading/ writing about. The activity below should have been completed in your lined books. 

Activity- Draw the two pictures in your books and match the Headings and Subheadings to the pictures by writing the numbers next to the pictures!



Task- Why do we need pictures in a newspaper article? 


- In your lined books, choose one of the headings you wrote from last week, or use one of the Headings above from our live lesson. Create a picture for your newspaper article inspired by your Heading. You can use colours to add detail. Show me your pictures on teams!