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Friday 26th February 2021

WALT- Understand what a headline is. 


Starter- Watch the video link below to recap your memory about what a newspaper report is. I know children have watched this already, but this will further support them when writing their own newspaper reports. 

Newspaper headlines


What is a newspaper headline? 

It is the title of your newspaper article. A headline should be catchy and grab peoples attention, to make people want to read your story!



Looking at this picture from our class novel, Superworm, Which headline is the best? Why do you think it is the best? Write your answer and the headline you think is best in your lined book.



1. Superworm helps bees

2. Superworm the skipping rope

3. Superworm the strechy skipping rope saves the day!

4. Superworm the super rope!




Your turn! Write 3 headlines for the pictures below. Think about the headlines I wrote above and what was good and what was bad about them! Now try make some catchy ones of your own for this part of Superworm.