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Friday 12th February 2021


WALT- Identify adjectives in a story. 


Noun- Name of a person, animal, place or thing.

Verb- Action word.

Adjective- Describing words.


Starter- What adjectives could we use to describe the nouns below? Use 1 of your best for each picture. 







Task- Watch the story 'Superworm' below. Whilst you are watching the story, have your lined book and a pencil ready. Every time you hear an adjective used to describe Superworm, write them in your book. See if you can catch all the adjectives used in the book. 


Task 2- Alternative adjectives. Look at the sentences below and copy them into your lined books after task 1. Underline the nouns using 1 colour and the adjectives using a different colour. Think- edit and improve the adjectives in each sentence to make them better.  


For example- if the adjective is 'happy' make it better by using words like 'content' or 'joyful'


1. The servant crow is black and grim. 


2. Superworm is super-long. 


3. The lizard flicks an angry tail. 


4. I'll feed you to my hungry crow.