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Wednesday 10th February 2021


WALT - Nouns, verbs and adjectives



Adjective - An adjective is a ‘describing’ word: it is a word used to describe (or tell you more about) a noun: The big, red bus drove down the street.

Nouns - A noun is a ‘naming’ word: a word used for naming an animal, a person, a place or a thing: penguin, Stephen, Manchester, car.

Verbs - A verb is a word, or a group of words, that tells you what a person or thing is being or doing. It is often called a ‘doing’ word: running, eating, sitting…


Can you find the

1) nouns 

2) verb  

3) adjectives 

 in this sentence? 


                  The big, brown dog ran down the street.



4. What are the first five letters of the alphabet?

a) bcdef

b) acdbe

c) abcde

d) adcde


5.Add 'ing' to the word 'amaze'

a) amazing

b) amazeing

c) amazzing

d) amazzeing


6. Finish this sentence: He is _____ this sum up.

a) ading

b) addin

c) ading

d) adding



Task - Draw your very own Superworm and write at least two sentences to describe it using the super-hero adjectives you thought of yesterday.

e.g., “This is Superworm he is super-long. He carries bugs on his back, he is super-strong.”



Task - Underline any nouns, verbs and adjectives in your sentences.


The link to the Superworm video is here if you need to watch it again:


And the word-bank should you need it.


Extension – Choose another animal character from the Superworm story and make a list of interesting adjectives to describe them.