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WALT: Writing narratives about the experiences of a fictional character. 

S2S: use your own character.

        use your own setting.

        use your story mountain. 


Your task for today is to continue writing your story, you are now writing all about what happens in the build up to your problem- make sure to use your planning!

 Don't forget to use all of the language features discussed during our teams lesson, these are:

  • adjectives, capital letters, punctuation, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, different sentence types. 

In your build up, you should write about what is happening in your story and continue to set the scene using the characters you introduced in the opening. You should develop the characters and the setting so that your audience know who, when, where, why and what is happening. Your build up should also introduce the lead up to the problem which happens in your story. 



Remember you are only writing about the build up of your story and this should continue from your opening, it is not a separate piece of writing!


 This is extended writing so you should be writing more than a couple of sentences.