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Thursday 4th February 2021


WALT- Add 'ing' to words. 


Starter- Verbs game. 

Make a list of verbs in your lined books, this can be any action words, such as- jumping, skipping, running or crawling. Once you have made a list of around 7/8 verbs, put all pencils down. Children to stand in the room and wait for someone to shout one of the verbs written in your book and children must do this action. For example, if an adult shouts crawling, children should crawl until they are given the next verb. 


Task- On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have looked at adding 'ing' to the end of words with short vowel sounds and 1 or 2 consonant on the end. Today we will be looking at another rule for adding 'ing' to the ends of words. 


Rule 3- Today we will be looking at words ending in the letter 'e'.

For words ending in 'e', we will be taking the 'e' away and then adding 'ing' to the end. For example, the word above was 'joke' which ends in the letter 'e'. We take the 'e' off and add 'ing' making the word 'joking'.


Apply this rule to make the words below end in 'ing'.