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Wednesday 3rd February 2021


WALT- Add 'ing' to words. 


Starter- Write two sentences about the picture below. Ensure you are using cursive writing, that you have capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Task- On Monday and Tuesday we have looked at adding 'ing' to the end of words with short vowel sounds and 1 consonant on the end. Today we will be looking at another rule for adding 'ing' to the ends of words. 


For today we will look at words with a short vowel sound in the middle (when you read the word you can hear if it is long or short) and two consonants on the end. For example- Above is the word 'jump' this has the short vowel 'u' in the middle and the two consonants 'mp' on the end. Therefore, for the word jump, we do not need to add anything else, just 'ing' on the end to make it 'jumping'. Add 'ing' to the words below and put them in sentences in your lined books.