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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

WALT- add 'ing' to words. 


Task- adding 'ing' rules. This is continued from our work yesterday. This can be a very tricky concept, therefore, please revisit the words and add 'ing' to the short vowel sound words below. This can be to finish from yesterday or by looking at how you wrote them yesterday. If you completed all the 'ing' words below, please now put these words in sentences. 

If the vowel is a short sound ( look and read the word, does the vowel sound long or short?) with only one consonant after it, then double the consonant in the spelling.

Short vowel sound with one consonant- hit has the short vowel sound 'i' in the middle and it has the consonant t at the end. Double it to tt and add 'ing' to the end. Changing the word to 'hitting'. 'Hiting' is wrong.


The words below all have short vowel sounds as described above. Can you follow the rules to add 'ing' to the end?