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Doubling objects and number recognition/ordering


Recap, doubling objects.                                                                            

Use 10 objects, they can be anything, counters, pegs, bottle lids etc. 


1) Ask you child for a number of the objects e.g. 3.

2) Remind them that doubling means the same amount again. As them to double the number by making another pile with the same amount of objects. Ask how many have they got altogether? Use the language 'so double 3 is ....'


Repeat using different numbers. If your child can do this accurately and consistently, you could try increasing the numbers being counted beyond 10.


You could draw a butterfly on a piece of paper. On one half ask your child to draw a number of spots, ask them to double the number of spots by drawing the same number on the other side. They could also colour the butterfly.


Number recognition                                                                                                                                      I have put some number flashcards 1-20 on here that you can print off and cut out if you have a printer. If not, then write numbers 1-20 on pieces of paper. Start with numbers 1-5, show your child the number, can they say what it is? Repeat until you have used all the numbers. If they are confident move on to numbers 6-10, then 11-15, and if they are really confident then 16-20.


Number Ordering

If you child can recognise numbers, then practise putting numbers 1-5 in the correct order. When they are confident move on to 1-10, then 1-15, then 1-20. 


Other activities                                                                                                                                       Show your child a number card and see if they can count out the correct number of objects.

Ask your child to count something in your house e.g. how many doors are there? Can they say the number, can they point to that number?


Interactive games                                                                                           I have put a link on the class page for – there are loads of interactive games on here that the children will enjoy in 3-5 years.