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WALT: write and debug an algorithm

Now that you have practised algorithms with your cooking and baking, I want you to write your very own algorithm for a short dance (or short workout if you are too embarrassed 😊)!


First, see this video and write an algorithm for this dance:


Use this video to inspire your own dance or workout and write an algorithm for it. Include a loop into your algorithm.


Debugging is a key skill in computing.


To help spot any bugs in your algorithm, ask a family member to follow your written algorithm EXACTLY as you have written it… I’m sure this will make some of you laugh 😊

If they do something different, debug your algorithm using logical thinking… what other information do you need to make it clearer to follow?


Additional optional challenge:

Those who are technologically savvy might be able to post themselves doing their dance with their algorithm – with bugs attached! Your friends can then debug your algorithm too!