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WALT: 1c: Identify and explain the sequence of events in texts

S2S: Read the text.

        Track read with your finger.

         Underline key words.

        Answer the questions using the text.

Giraffe's Can't Dance Read Aloud

  1. What happens first in the story?
  2. Use three sentences to describe the beginning, middle and end of the story. 
  3. Why does Gerald feel so sad in the middle of the story? 
  4. Sort these sentences from the story, read them and copy them out in the correct order:
  • Gerald was walking home when he spotted a musical cricket. 
  • Gerald was a tall giraffe and his knees were awfully crooked. 
  • All of the animals wanted Gerald to teach him to dance.
  • In Africa they held the jungle dance, Gerald felt sad.
  • When Gerald tried to run his knees buckled.
  • Lots of animals danced together but sniggered and laughed at Gerald.
  • Gerald began to sway and swing, he was an amazing dancer.