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Wakefield Greenhill Primary School

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This week's attendance is 95.45%

The class with the best attendance is Year 2 with 98.62%

Attendance Matters

Here at Greenhill Primary School we know that regular school attendance is the key to getting a good education. If your child is frequently absent from school she or he will beputting their future in serious jeopardy. Chronic absenteeism is strongly associated with failure at school. School attendance is one of the most important issues facing schools in Britain. Your child must be taught to understand the value of education. As a parent or carer you need to appreciate the vital role you have in ensuring and promoting regular attendance at school.

Regular attendance is necessary for success in school, and as a parent or carer you are the key person who will make a difference. Nearly all children enjoy the experience of school if they are secure and confident and feel that their parents or carers demonstrate that they too feel positive about school.

Young children who have had the opportunity to mix with other children and adults in a secure environment and have perhaps been able to attend play groups or nursery classes for example, usually welcome the transition to school.

As a parent or carer you can best support your child’s education by helping your child to grow in an educationally stimulating environment at home. All children have a natural thirst for knowledge and new experiences, and parents are ideally placed to help them with these experiences in a secure way before they even get to school age.

If you feel that we can support your child further in achieving outstanding attendance please do not hesitate to speak to your child's teacher or make an appointment with Mr Fenton.