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You will need: 

salt dough recipe (1 cup of salt 2 cups of flour 1 cup of water)

a baking tray

coloured paint (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) 

paint brushes.


  1. When all the ingredients are mixed together (salt dough recipe)  divide the salt dough into 6 balls, one for each colour of the rainbow and differing in size from larger to smaller.
  2. One at a time roll each of the balls into long sausages of a similar thickness and begin moulding them into arch shapes.  Start with the smallest ball. 
  3. Rolling the salt dough balls and trying to get all the arches a similar thickness and the right length to form each arch of the rainbow can be a bit fiddly.  If you find your salt dough is breaking, try to make the width of the arch a little thicker and knead out any air bubbles in the dough before rolling.
  4. Place the salt dough rainbow onto baking paper and baking tray.  Be sure to leave a gap between each arch so they will not stick together in the oven as they cook.
  5. Place the salt dough rainbow into the oven for approximately 30 minutes (this may vary according to different ovens) at about 180c.  While the salt dough rainbow is cooking, be sure to check that it is not over cooking.  It will be ready when it has slightly browned and is hard.
  6. Once cooked leave the salt dough rainbow to cool on the tray and then paint!