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Amazing Animals

As part of our Biology topic on Animals this half term, we've had some visitors of the furry and not so furry types!

Last week, we had the UF class pet, Fluffy the rabbit. This week, we had Mrs Allen's pet insect, Barry, pay us a visit. We're currently studying a variety of common animals this half term so if anyone has any animals they think we'd like to meet, please ask!

We really enjoyed meeting Barry and describing the body structure of stick insects. Did you know they originate from India and are known as 'The Indian Walkingstick'? Another interesting fact is that they breathe through a series of holes located along the sides of their abdomen, called spiracles.

Barry was exhausted and extremely hungry when Mrs Allen took him home at the end of the day. He ate a whole blackberry leaf! It must've been all the walking up and down our bodies in Class 1 that tired him out!

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