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Activities for the week (27th April)


Miss Arden feels better after beginning her day with exercise - try Joe Wicks, Miss Gates videos or for something a little easier you could try some yoga. Below is a link to some Yoga from YouTube I enjoy:



Play TT Rockstars and numbots – Competitions are updated weekly!

Asking children to tell you the time throughout the day is a great way to keep practising.

Baking and cooking is a great way to incorporate maths. Children can help you measure, divide the mixture and use fractions to cut the cake. 

Practising the 4 operations when possible would be very helpful.



Children have been practising their comprehesion skills and below is a useful link ReadWorks where children have access to digital comprehension texts and questions to continue this.

All children can enter the following code: ZGPPD7. After this, children can find their name and then enter the password: 1234. 

Once children have finished the questions, they can submit the 'assignment'. The assignment will then be marked and virtually returned to your child where they can review their progress.


We are interested to see what have been reading! If you have found a fascinating book then you can share your recommendation on Greenhill’s Facebook page - remember to explain why you loved it!



You could try reading a newspaper or magazine article and underline all the features you know such as:
expanded noun phrases, adverbs, adjectives, verbs, nouns, prepositions, subordinating clauses and coordinating conjunctions. Did you find many? Perhaps you could research something and write an even better news article on something you enjoy?



Children have had unplugged lessons on algorithms and debugging. Children could now practise their skills on an electronic device by completing a game on 

A free app 'Scratch' can be downloaded on phones and tablets so that children can design and create games and quizes using their Computing skills.



 Hola! Children can download the free duolingo app on any electronic device to continue to practies their Spanish Skills. 



This has got some great ideas. I especially love the Multitasking Mayhem activity- this is a great way to learn about the brain!



Below is a 'Would you rather...' challenge - try to explain why you would rather do something. Can you think of your own interesting 'Would you rather' statements?