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Religious Education

Greenhill School follows the Wakefield RE Syllabus 2013. Each year group have specific skills which focus on key questions in relation to main world faiths. KS1 will focus on Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. KS2 will focus on Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. Each year group will cover a wide range of world faiths, allowing them to compare the differences of the religions, communities and cultures. 

Autumn Term

Celebrations: how and why are different celebrations important in religion?

Judaism: Hanukkah Y1

Christianity – Christmas Y2





Symbols and religious expression: how religious and spiritual ideas are expressed

Islam – 5 pillars of Islam Y3

                                                  Hinduism – Diwali festival of light Y4



Inspirational people: figures from whom believers find inspiration

Buddhism - Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) Y5

Islam – Malala Y6

Year 1 Trip to the Methodist Church to find out about Harvest Festivals